Dr Who 010 and Dr Who 014

David Tennant

Evan R-C Said

“This doctor was live from 2022–present”

David Tennant (David John McDonald)

Evan R-C said

“Born at 18 April 1971 age 52”

“His first thing was Anti-smoking film

“The 10th Doctor was live from 2005–2010 and then 2013”

“The 14th doctor was live from 2022-2023 and then sometime in the far future because of bi-generation and the 15th doctor is carrying on the show while the 14th doctor is relaxing with his friend”

Doctor 9 – Christopher Eccolsten

Dr Who 013 – Jodi Whittaker

Doctor 11 – Matt Smith

Doctor 15 – Nucti Gatwa

“I will be back with Dr Who 011”