Doctor Who – 001

The First actor was called William Hartnell

He was born on 8th January 1908 and Died on 23rd April 1975 (aged 67)

His first thing he did was “Say It with Music” in 1932 and the Last thing he did was Crime of Passion in 1970

We saw the first doctor live from 1963–1966 and then 1972–1973

An Unearthly child was what his first adventure was called and his last episode (Tenth planet) regenerated into Twice upon time so we can see 12 regenerate (with David Bradley) and then The Three Doctors was his only 4 episode guest doctor (100  minutes)

The second actor was called Richard Hurndall

3rd November 1910 was when he was born and he died 3 April 1984 (aged 73)

His First thing was “As You Like It” in 1930 and the last thing was Bergerac on Christmas Eve 1983

23 November 1983 was when we saw that actor in the 5 doctors

The third and latest actor is David Bradley

His first thing was a comedy in 1971 called the comedy Nearest and Dearest and his latest… well that is up to you.

As well as Twice upon time (2017), David Bradley also was in The power of the doctor when 13 regenerated (2022)

Doctor 2 – Patrick Troughton